Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some Posts Removed

We have removed some posts and edited others because we have grown increasingly uncomfortable with the subject matter. The situation in New Hempstead will play itself out in the coming weeks. Our commentary is superfluous. We have decided to let events play themselves out as they will. We will take no further public position on this subject, but will continue to offer commentary on other subjects which may be of interest to our readers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another case of suppression throgh intimidation by the Tendelr camp, I assume!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this mean they have to change their title to read "Sorta Kinda Open to the Public, But Not Much"?

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Jewish idea about holiness and accountibility. Please, can someone give this to Rabbi Tendler?

The late Johnny Cash summed it up nicely in his hit song: "Because of you I walk the line". Yes, in this world we all must walk that line, placing ourselves on the side of holy or profane, good or evil. Ultimately it is up to us to make the choice of which side of the line we will be on, but know that in this world, there is no standing still. In this week's parsha, Shemini, we read: "In order to distinguish between the sacred and the profane, and between the contaminated and the pure..."

Even when we want to cross over to the holy area and do that which is right in G-d's eyes, we find that there are also lines which not everyone can cross. Take, for example, entering the Temple. An Israelite must do so only in a state of purity, a Kohen faces other obstacles such as length of hair or clothing, while the Kohen Gadol is limited with respect to when he may enter the Holy of Holies.

The deaths in our parsha of Nadav and Avihu, the two sons of Aharon, were just such a case. They wanted to cross the line, to go the extra mile, which was off limits to them. Our Rabbis teach us: "They saw their father Aharon enter with Moses and bring incense, and they saw them leave. The Divine Presence was visible, fire descended from Heaven, and they said: "Let us do the same, causing fire to descend through our deed".

Even though the Torah calls them holy, being that they crossed the line without being instructed to, punishment came at once. Hashem said: If I do not punish them at once, others will come and profane My Temple. Better a hundred of them die and My glory not diminish for a moment. The commentaries
write that if this is so with the righteous, how much more so with the wicked. Yes, the wicked of this world, while thinking they are riding high and walking the tightrope for the moment, are really on the wrong side of
the line, waiting for their fall which will surely come.

Dividing lines are also found at the end of our parsha, with the list of forbidden and permitted foods, instructed to the Jewish people. Unlike the nations of the world, who will be forever on the other side of that line, never to cross over to the holy, the Jewish people have the capability to reach the greatest heights and be a nation of priests, as long as we follow the "road map" laid out to us in the Torah.

Yes, there are lines in this world in which people have to make their decisions on which side they want to be.Whether it is dividing lines between levels of holiness, as our Rabbis teach us: Ten levels of holiness descended into the world, and the Land of Israel is holier than the rest of the world, Jerusalem is holier than the Land of Israel, the Temple Mount is holier than Jerusalem... up to the most holy - the Holy of Holies. Or the lines separating between the profane and the holy, the good and the bad, or between the faithful to the Land and the betrayers of the Land. But let it be known that the day is coming when, sooner than most imagine, one will have to give an accounting of which side of which line he/she is on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can find the above D'var Torah at Arutz Sheva:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another one for this week's Parsha, written last year. Also about holiness. The author is from New Hempstead.

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In my opinion, the posts on this site are excellent. I am sorry that some were removed. However the jewish idea had a correct thing to say. That is that whatever happens in New Hempstead will happen whether or not he (or she) writes about it here. Since it is such a disgusting subject, the writer probably got disgusted writing about it and thinking about it and I don't blame him (her). Its much more nicer to think of something nice, a nice kugel, say, or if you like to learn a blatt gemora, a nice tosfos even some divrei mussar can make a nice day. but a rabbi who says he is a king and you should have sex with him who needs this dreck that makes you want to go take a shower? We never had such things in the old days. other things we had but not like this. What I don't understand is how anyone could think that all this is just made up. Why would a bunch of women just make this up, and it sounds like they all had similar stories. A woman does not make up such a story it is an embarressment to her. And surely not ten women. How does such a thing happen? A lonely woman could be susceptible to a smooth talking rabbi with a golden tongue. that has no business making halachas. They were told certain things were halacha which they were clearly farkrumpt which means to say crooked in order to get these girls to have sex. This is what we want from a rabbi? Who needs such a rabbi he should join the church they have lots of those types there. Not that they are all bad they have some nice galachim but you have to have open eyes. I can read the paper like my son who went to college he should live and be well. He gave me this computer and I am learning to use it baruch hashem there is a lot to think about. You don't have to have a college degree to know of such things. And this could ruin a girl's life. I would only take a good laywer in a case like this and frankly a frum yid must be a michugena to take a case like this for a lawyer. that is my opinion. You will not catch me davening in such a shul I can tell you that. I prefer a rabbi with his pants on at all times in a proper manner like a gentleman. he should be helping ladies not shtupping them. have a nice day

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