Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jewish Idea Now Open for Guest Posting

The Jewish Idea Blogspot is now accepting comments from anyone who wishes to post here. You may post anonymously if you wish. The site had previously accepted posts only from registered members, but those settings have been modified to accept comments from all readers. Welcome to The Jewish Idea and stay tuned for interesting, informative and stimulating news and commentary of interest to the Jewish community.


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A particularly unfortunate example of somnambulant Jewish journalism, has been the simple parroting and unquestioned loyalty of the mainstream Jewish press regarding Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel precisely at an hour when very difficult questions are being asked in the secular press of Mr Wiesel regarding the management of his Foundation and the oversight of publicly donated funds in Israel.

Mr Wiesel's statements this past week to the press professing complete ignorance of his fund's Israeli executive director, Shira Bodner (nee Berliner) accepting a verdict in US Federal Court in California of RICO racketeering charges in excess of US$12mm, as well as acknowledging filing false tax returns with the IRS under her former husband's social security number and failure to file tax returns of any kind for her previous investment firms, echoes uncomfortably Bernard Ebner's simultaneous "know nothing" defense of goings on at Enron – and Mr Ebner has been sentenced to as much as 85 years incarceration for failure to protect the public trust. We can all hope that investigations into Ms Bodner's activities at the Foundation fail to uncover serious wrongdoing with public funds, and that these unfortunate findings are isolated to her personal life. It is evident, however, that Mr Wiesel remains an adored figure within the Jewish community, who has been far too preoccupied acting as a magnet raising funds from unquestioning donors, and has proven simply abysmal at the most basic criteria of management and due diligence of the philanthropic money machine utilizing his Nobel reputation. There's No Business Like the Sho'ah Business.

More disconcerting, and arguably the more important story, has been Mr Wiesel's apparent adamancy in refusing to take even minimal steps in correcting his failures and restoring basic public trust in who is managing and distributing publicly donated funds within the Foundation, refusing even to permit a basic internal investigation in the interests of the public donors. This rare exhibition of the dark side to our Nobel Laureate -- which Tel Aviv's HaAretz newspaper described last week as "a contention that the Holocaust seemingly exempts one from basic accountability" -- is almost as disconcerting as the Jewish public's seeming insistence on being provided with Heroes to worship blindly at all cost of responsibility and truth. Sets of correspondence have now been posted by Luke Ford at

In this particular instance, the Jewish mainstream media has failed its most basic journalistic mandate, and has reverted to leaving accuracy to the secular press.

There's No Business Like Sho'a Business

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Anonymous Berliner Bodner Creditors Committee said...


Co Mingling with Foundation's Assets Asserted by Creditors

Jerusalem District Court Justice Moshe Ravid issued a temporary freeze on all bank and financial assets up to $10.9mm of Shira Berliner-Bodner, the Executive Director of the Elie Wiesel Foundation in Israel. Bodner, a resident of Raanana, is the wife of attorney Mark Bodner, Managing Partner of Tel Aviv law firm Bodner, Flom.. The freeze enforces a prior order of the Justice Terry Hatter in United States District Court against Berliner Bodner and her wholly owned investment firm.

The ruling marks the end of a long and arduous international effort to secure Ms Berliner-Bodner's assets under the California judgment. Ms Berliner-Bodner had resisted enforcement of the order since 2001, seeking refuge in Israel a traditional haven against enforcement of US judgments. Justice Ravid's order establishes important precedent in Israeli recognition and enforcement of American judicial orders against American citizens resident in Israel, and represents an important step forward in honoring and enforcing international judgments by the Israeli bench.

The case had gained considerable notoriety in Jewish philanthropic circles for pitting two major Holocaust charitable organizations and world class fundraising foundations against one another. The freeze was requested by Jaime Sohacheski, Chairman of Crown Realty & Development, Beverly Hills philanthropist and one of the most significant contributors to the Simon Wiesenthal Center. In securing the ruling of $10.4mm against Berliner Bodner, Sohacheski asserted among other claims fraud and racketeering. Ms Berliner-Bodner elected not to contest the charges in US District Court, and then resisted to date all enforcement in Israel. Mr Sohacheski was represented by the prominent Israeli law firm Yigal Arnon.

Howard Sobel, partner in the New York office of Latham & Watkins law firm and Corporate Secretary for the Elie Wiesel Foundation, declined comment on the freeze on Ms Berliner-Bodner's assets, nor on the assertion that donated assets of the Foundation may have been co-mingled with Ms Berliner-Bodner's new firm, Israel Project Consulting. The revelation that Elie Wiesel and the Foundation's senior staff knew of Ms Berliner-Bodner's default on judgment for a number of years represents another startling setback to the Nobel Prize winner's reputation. Mr Wiesel became a source of considerable controversy earlier this year when allegations of misrepresentations of fact emerged regarding his accounts of the Holocaust, after his book Night was picked by Oprah Winfrey as a major non-fiction selection for her national book club.

In a related matter, Ms Berliner-Bodner's former husband filed and received Innocent Spouse Relief from the US Internal Revenue Service for false tax filings submitted under his identity by Ms Berliner-Bodner, as well as filing false representations of sources of capital. Filing false tax claims as well as sources of capital potentially carry both civil and criminal penalties in the United States.

Ms Berliner-Bodner had previously admitted under oath to having stopped filing all corporate and personal tax and regulatory filings and required recordkeeping from the date of hiring her divorce counsel over a decade ago.

"This marks the end of a long and arduous process chasing Ms Berliner Bodner for years around the globe", stated a member of the creditors committee in the name of Mr Sohacheski. "We expect Mr Wiesel and the Foundation to cooperate fully with the investigation of comingled assets and return all funds to the rightful creditors".

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